Need help with a fresh start before V-day?

Three Day Rule,  a leading personalized matchmaking company will be hosting a huge pre-Valentine's bash. An opportunity for the new year to create a clean slate. What do I mean? You can clean the slate by bringing a photo of your ex to throw into the Burning Cauldron of LOVE! You can clean the slate by visiting me as I'll be taking complimentary photos of all guests to promote The Love Look. You'll even get access to a code for a 25% off discount!

(You'll be able to purchase our ONE HOUR portrait package for $224!) 

Come! It will be a be party, with music, advice on styling and flirting! 

THIS Saturday, 2/10, 7:30pm-1am @ Viceroy (Santa Monica) RSVP here. 


The Love Look is open to Los Angeles!

We're a team of two and we spent the last six month preparing for this new business venture.

We're excited to share.
The Love Look is officially open in Los Angeles. 

We specialize in portraits for online dating profiles or anywhere you want to show a vibrant, upbeat you. 

If you're dating online, you know that your profile pictures are the first thing your matches see. So they’re pretty important. You shouldn’t let blurry, spur-of-the-moment profile pictures get in the way of someone getting to know the real you.

The Love Look was inspired by my own online dating experience. As a photographer, quality pictures always caught my eye. It’s actually how I met my current partner, Max. He’s also a photographer, so I like to think our skills helped us find each other! He's a software engineer by trade but helps out The Love Look as an editor and my right hand man. 

Four years ago, when I was dating online, I notice the challenges that came with it. My friends and I would discuss online dating and the many headaches they would encounter. Lots of them found that choosing a flattering but honest profile picture can be challenging. Most never had a professional portrait taken. I knew I could use my eye for photography to help out folks who rarely posed for the camera to finally get that perfect shot. I experience first hand how beneficial quality portraits can be.  

It wasn't till my pro-photog friend Cindy Dyer took my picture years ago that I realized the benefits of having decent portraits. I was a college student about to graduate. I was able to use the portrait everywhere! On my LinkedIn- for the jobs I applied for, for that published article I wrote, and most definitely for online dating on my OkCupid profile. I uploaded that picture on just about every social media account too. Thanks Cindy! These are pictures: 

© 2013 Cindy Dyer

© 2013 Cindy Dyer

And here are some of Max's dating pictures from 2014! No selfie stick here! I loved the guitar picture. It shows his talent & interest in music. You want your pictures to tell your matches who you are and what you care about.  

About a year ago, I quit my full time job working for Airbnb to focus more on creative work. Six months later The Love Look idea came up. So this is happening! 

I want to send a huge thanks to my friend Vierra - she basically helped me out for free and became our copy writer. I want to thank my father - I basically ran every idea by him. I want to thank Max for his unconditional support and love and for letting me do things my way. 

If you're thinking about new year's resolutions or wondering if online dating is right for you. What better way to kick off your new year or dating profile with new vibrant pictures of yourself. In honor of this launch we want to offer a discount! Now through January 31, 2018.

And if you follow us on Instagram, we'll be posting information on a giveaway. You can enter yourself & a friend in a competition to win a free photoshoot! Enter soon!
You have up to 12/25/2017 (PST) midnight.

Thank you for your support. Feel free to share to your L.A. network!

© 2013 Cindy Dyer

© 2013 Cindy Dyer