What makes
The Love Look
different from other photographers?

  • We focus on photos for dating profiles that capture more than just a headshot.
  • We scout locations around L.A. & shoot in flattering natural light against bright backgrounds and/or in nature so that you can really shine.
  • We ask you to fill out a questionnaire so we can figure out how to best showcase your unique personality.

  1. Let's start! Fill out the form. Click here. 

  2. We'll email you a short questionnaire to craft a shoot tailored just for you. 

  3. There will be a short intro & consultation with us (via phone/skype/facetime).

  4. You'll sign a contract & make a payment.

  5. We'll meet, you bring a couple outfits & props. 

  6. I get my camera. You look amazing.

  7. I do some light retouching, & in about 3-5 days, you'll have new pictures!

What's the process? 

What should I wear and bring for my shoot?

Dress just like you would on a date! Bring a few changes of clothes, and some props to show us what you love.  I’ve got a pop-up tent so you can comfortably change between locations.


  • Bring a few of your favorite outfits that make you feel good.
  • Wear bright colors.
  • Avoid logos or large patterns.
  • Wear minimal makeup, and consider wearing a tinted lip color (interested in getting your makeup done for the shoot? Let us know!)


  • It's best to avoid eating a huge meal prior, but please do eat something. I don’t advise you showing up to the session hungry. We don’t want to photograph “hangry” people :)
  • Have a pet? Play the violin or a sport? Our questionnaire will help us brainstorm a few ideas before the shoot; be sure to share that information about you. 

Yes! However, I’ve scouted out some of the best spots in LA to get lively, vibrant pictures with the best lighting. If there’s a specific place you’d like to be photographed, (like at your art studio) I can work with you to get the best shot.

Can I choose where
to be photographed?

We can always reschedule for a rainy day!

If you have to cancel, you must do so 24 hours in advance. You're allowed to reschedule photography session one (1) time with more than twenty-four hours notice. We understand things can happen - we're not robots! We'll treat every situation on a case-by-case basis but these are our general rules. 

What if weather
becomes an issue or I have to cancel?

Do you have a contract?

Yes! You will receive the contract through email that will
require you to e-sign prior to paying for a session.

What file format will I receive the pictures in?

You’ll receive a Dropbox link to a file size perfect for online pictures, at 72dpi.

If you’d like to purchase a higher resolution for prints, you can do so for an additional price.

Can I use these pictures for anything else?

Use these pictures anywhere you want to show a vibrant, upbeat you.
Social media, LinkedIn, wherever you’d like.

We ask you to pay us in full after contract is signed. Its best to get the important admin stuff done first, so we can quickly get to the fun part.  

We currently accept payments through Paypal or credit cards through Paypal. 

How does payment work?