Put down the selfie-stick & let us capture the real you!

If you're dating online, you know that your profile pictures are the first thing your matches see. Don't let your first impression be based on blurry pictures and bad lighting.


Let's create a lasting impression

That passion?
That fashion sense?

 That talent?
That killer smile? 

That's what your matches should see. 

We'll help you find what makes you special,
and make you look great!

What folks say about us: 

Marisa is a great director. In a day and age of image centric dating apps, she is able to put you at ease, and allow you to show your natural joy.
— Amanda P.
I truly hate having my pictures taken, usually. But working with Marisa was so easy and fun. The photos turned out absolutely great and I got tons of compliments on them!
— Rachel B.
I’m so happy I got to work with Marisa to finally get some good pictures of myself! She was patient and took some time to make sure I was comfortable.
— Ryan

Nervous about getting professional photos?


We're used to working with people who aren't models or actors, so no need to worry. Just put on your favorite outfit and let us work our magic in the colorful outdoors and nature of Los Angeles.

Before & After

What to expect

  1. Let's start! Fill out the form

  2. We'll email you a short questionnaire to craft a shoot tailored just for you. 

  3. There will be a short intro & consultation with us (via phone/skype/facetime).

  4. You'll sign a contract & make a payment.

  5. We'll meet, you bring a couple outfits & props. 

  6. I get my camera. You look amazing.

  7. I do some light retouching, & in about 3-5 days, you'll have new pictures!

About us

Marisa- Principal Photographer
Max - Assistant Editor

Marisa has been working as a professional photographer for over a decade. She studied under documentary photographer Lauren Greenfield and worked at the Palm Springs Photo Festival, the Lucie Foundation, and countless other organizations and events. As a documentary photographer, she learned to find the hidden moments that tell the start to a story.

While honing her craft, she started dating online in 2013, and found love, with Max! (who’s also a photographer and now an editor for us).

Online dating still comes with its challenges. 

Max and Marisa ©2017 Louis Imbert

Max and Marisa ©2017 Louis Imbert

Her friends would discuss online dating and the many headaches they would encounter. Lots of them found that choosing a flattering but honest profile picture can be challenging. Most never had a professional portrait taken. Marisa knew she could use her eye for photography to help out folks who rarely posed for the camera to finally get that perfect shot.

the love look began!

We enjoy helping our clients see themselves the way a best friend would, because that's what your matches should see. 

Get in touch today, and don't let blurry, spur-of-the-moment profile pictures get in the way of someone getting to know the real you!